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Tellington TTouch certified practitioner for all companion animals, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP), and dog trainer specialized in behaviorism (SCAV 08/00GE, 14/0003).

I coach you by orienting the work on the physical, mental and emotional balance of your animal. This optimizes the positive results in the context of learning and in everyday life. A short description of each method is on the back of my qualifications:


Tellington TTouch is a method that combines body work and ground exercises to positively influence learning, behavior and the welfare of animals.


AOA – Recognized Swiss education in dog training and behaviorism. Based exclusively on modern scientific studies and respect for the animal’s emotions.


A natural and complete method for the treatment of negative emotional states by Doctor Edward Bach, famous British clinician, bacteriologist and pathologist.

Pure Positive Approach

Pure Positive Approach

Made for you.

Respect, collaboration, motivation and well-being are the essence of the Pure Positive Approach.

Since these are the keys to success in learning and managing everyday life, this approach is naturally dedicated to provide you with the necessary tips and tools to enable you to actively take part in your animal’s changes, so that progress develops and persists.

For you. For every day. For life!

Tellington TTouch

Tellington TTouch

For all companion animals.

Body-specific method of care and rehabilitation adapted to all species and all ages.

This particularly mild work produces visible and often rapid and deep changes that address problematic situations related to the behavior or the physical health of the animal. Many professionals and private individuals have adopted this method, which they call “revolutionary”. The sessions (private, and in the comfort of your own home) allow you to focus on your needs, and those of your pet, in a safe environment.

A minimum of three sessions is often recommended to support your animal’s progress. Thereafter, cards of 5 or 10 sessions are offered to help you to go even further.


Learn TTouch theory and practice in playful workshops!

A unique formula of 8 hours to discover and learn how to apply the method on a daily basis to enhance the relationship with your animal companion.

I’m interested! Please inform me of upcoming workshops.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

TTouch changes everything.



Your words.



Images and sound.

Tellington TTouch

TTouch is a gentle approach to the care and training of companion animals, and is widely accepted as a powerful method to improve behavior, enhance health and performance.

Doctor Bach’s flower remedies

The Rescue (so well known) is only one of 38 other flowers with virtues that are subtly effective (if used correctly). Why is it interesting to work with flowers and what can we expect? This video will tell you a little more.

Positive Reinforcement

What does positive reinforcement mean and why is it better to work in this direction? Why use intelligence and play, rather than force and fear? What can we expect as results? Watch this video to find out.

Good Reads

Good Reads

A few titles.

A short list of recommendations. See also the French version of this page.

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My network.

Dr Delphine Carquillat
Dr Delphine CarquillatVeterinary office of Vésenaz
+41 22 752 67 67
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Dr Odile Marmier - AcuVet
Dr Odile Marmier - AcuVetVeterinarian Accupuncturist
+41 79 643 41 36
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Dr Mireille Piguet - VétOstéo
Dr Mireille Piguet - VétOstéo Veterinarian Osteopath
+41 21 806 48 12
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Caroline Gafner
Caroline GafnerAnimal Communicator
+41 22 700 08 10
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Emmanuelle Buffet-Engel
Emmanuelle Buffet-EngelAnimal communicator and AC teacher.
+33 4 50 85 03 66
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Evelyne Teroni-Decovert
Evelyne Teroni-Decovert Ethologist, author, lecturer and teacher
+41 79 643 41 36
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Maya Aycaguer - Happy Dogs Paradise (GE/F)
Maya Aycaguer - Happy Dogs Paradise (GE/F)Pension, day care by certified trainer
+41 78 674 69 93
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Caroline Macherel - Toutpattes (Fribourg CH)
Caroline Macherel - Toutpattes (Fribourg CH)Pension, day care by certified trainer
+41 79 353 71 22
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Client Center

Client Center

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Terms & Conditions: Appointments are payable in advance. All changes are made and confirmed only by telephone, at least 48 hours before the appointment. This will ensure its reschedule and avoid billing at 100% of the price of the arrangement. Thanks for your understanding.

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Contact me

Contact Me

At your service.

Depending on your needs and expectations, I can come to your location or we can meet at various outdoor sites. Please contact me by phone or e-mail for any request for information, a special quotation, and/or to book an appointment. 

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